October 21, 2022, to October 24, 2022, at Marchmont House


Are you an executive leader, founder, president and or global director that led a team through the pandemic?  If so, it is time to pause and take a breath.   The pandemic is over, and we are now in an epidemic.   The challenges we faced were an unprecedented of keeping our businesses afloat, employees safe and engaged and we tried to balance the ever-changing rules with a sense of stability.  It was exhausting!

It is time for a break, a true rest—where you aren’t the one driving the day, activity or managing others. COVID is not going away, but the urgency of the pandemic has eased, and it is time to pause. To let go of the should haves, ‘oh my did I say that?’ and all the decisions that got changed in days.

Join us for an Executive Retreat in the Scottish Borders October 21, 2022, to October 24th to rest, reflect and to explore insights into your leadership style. We will talk about the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the pandemic as a leader. We will explore how those decisions we made worked or didn’t and then let them go.

Our mission is for you to leave feeling proud of yourself, your body for dealing with what you put it through and your mind for carrying you through such a difficult time. It is time to give yourself a round of applause and a hug.

The Program

The Program covers three areas and is splashed with fun, laughter, great food, art and time with nature. The professional team will guide you through:

Leadership challenges and explore what type of leader you are now due to the pandemic and the new normal that we face

How the pandemic took its toll on our bodies and our habits to stay healthy and fit

Plus, we will learn how the pandemic effected our mental health and how our resilience to stay the course materialized

The 3-night, 4-day retreat will be taking place at Marchmont House in the Scottish Borders close to Duns. We will be staying there as the only guests in this 14-bed estate home and be able to enjoy the history of the building, the amazing art that is on display, walk the grounds and be with nature. We will be pampered by the inhouse chef with our meals plus smoothies and snacks to keep us refreshed and hydrated.

We have yoga sessions to calm your mind and body everyday (all levels and even if you aren’t bendy), talks on stress and our health, workshops on exploring how we made it through, plus how the pandemic made us think about ourselves and our mental health. But even more important, time for you to just chill. To relax and be mindfully quiet.

THE MUSIC ROOM Perhaps the grandest ‘Creative Space’ this magnificent Arts & Crafts oak-panelled ‘gem’ was designed by Sir Robert Lorimer. The finest room at Marchmont replete with its newly restored pipe organ. A wonderful space to listen to music, to host talks, or hold events celebrating creativity and be inspired by the sheer beauty of the room.

The staff are certified professionals in their respected fields and take confidentiality seriously. We understand the topics will bring up memories of emotional times and we will create a safe environment for you to be able to share but not feel exposed. All individuals will be given nicknames, so you do not have to share your name or company.

You can have 1 to 1’s with our leaders that are specialized in mental health, physical health and trauma models if you so wish. This retreat is not to address all the challenges and issues we faced over the 2 years but to give you a sense of release. To let go of memories that are not serving you as a person or a leader. And to find the benefits that Yoga can produce.

Retreat prices include: 3 nights 4 days stay at Marchmont house. All meals, snacks and soft beverages. Wine and drinks will be served on Friday night and Saturday night. All program sessions, morning and evening yoga, talks, workshops, walks, and one to ones if you so choose.

Earl Chamber suite (2 available) : £2,200 includes large bedroom, bed fit for a king or queen, large bathroom suite with full size
bath and separate shower—the baths can fit a 6-foot person—just heaven

Duke Chamber suites (8 available ) £2,000 includes large bedroom, with ensuite on room are on third floor where many of our activities are taking place

Duchess apartment: (3 rooms available) £1,800 standard size room with ensuite, Double at £1,700 and a Single £1,600 with shared bathroom. All 3 rooms have access to a small lounge and kitchen.

If you would like to reserve your place please complete our Booking Form HERE