Edinburgh Community Yoga Teacher Training

CPD Modules 2024 

Are you interested in teaching yoga to underserved, under-represented and marginalised groups, out-with a regular studio setting?

Our certificated CPD Modules open to teachers, teacher trainees will equip you with the skills and expertise to support you to offer yoga in community and non traditional yoga settings.

CPD Sessions:

CPD – The Neuroscience of the Stress Response and How Yoga Helps with Laura (Lila Yoga)

Sunday March 17th: 10.30-4.30pm. Details HERE

CPD – Teaching Yoga in Community Settings with Laura (Lila Yoga)

Sunday 8th September: 10.30-4.30pm. Details HERE

CPD – Trauma Informed Practice and Power Dynamics in Yoga with Lorraine (Lila Yoga)

Sunday 27th October: 10.30-4.30pm. Details HERE

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Trauma Informed Training for Yoga Teachers | 2024

This training will run online and face to face. Online work will be asynchronous (self directed and in your own time rather than as a live session). Face to Sessions will take place over 3 Saturdays 14th, 21st and 28th September from 10am-5pm.

The course will take the following format:

20 hours in person (Space to Be, Gyle) – 14th, 21st and 28th September
40 hours of online coursework (self-directed) – Available from 1st September

Our 60 Hour Trauma Informed Training covers:

  • Health Inequality, Power, Intersectionality and Social Justice
  • Power Dynamics in the context of Yoga
  • Neurobiology of stress, trauma and yoga
  • The value of embodiment
  • Creating accessible yoga spaces using the chair, props and empowered choices
  • Principles of Trauma Informed Practice: language, environment, safety, relationships
  • Yoga Philosophy in trauma informed spaces
  • Safeguarding, Self Care, Ethics and putting it all together

What is it?

Are you interested in bringing a more trauma informed approach to your teaching or yoga spaces?  Join the movement to make every yoga teacher trauma-informed whether working in a yoga studio or as preparation for working in the community with underserved groups.

What will I learn?

This course will allow you to understand the principles, theory and practice of bringing a more trauma informed approach to your teaching and allow you to consider how yoga can be a practice that can offer people the opportunity to be empowered in their choices. The course will be underpinned and delivered with a social justice lens and will incorporate study of systemic oppression, trauma theory, neuroscience and how we can create safer yoga spaces by developing awareness and understanding of trauma informed practice.

What you will not learn?

This training does not provide you with a yoga therapy or trauma therapy certificate or give you the necessary skills to use this title. This will be covered in more detail in the course.

This course is also not intended to be therapeutic for those who have experienced trauma  or to offer space for people to work through their own trauma. Some content may be triggering for some individuals.


The investment for this training is £660 with different payment options available. There are a small number of scholarships available.  Refer to the brochure for full details.


You can secure your place HERE

Brochure and Scholarship Information

Trauma Informed Training Brochure and Scholarship Details


“The experience and expertise shared by Laura and Lorraine during their yoga outreach training is invaluable to any yoga teacher, not just those looking to work in an outreach setting. Laura and Lorraine are exceptionally generous teachers and the programme itself is the perfect blend of theory and practical teachings.” 
Judi Farrell, Merchant City Yoga, CYS Yoga Teacher Training

“It’s so refreshing when someone comes to introduce and talk about their specialism and it lights a spark in you, that’s what Laura does. She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about her subject that it just leaves you wanting more!” 

“It’s time to expand our training Information to match the ever changing ways that stress impacts clients and make sure our trained teachers know how to deal with the new wide client base that yoga is attracting. We invite Laura to be the one to help us to do this on our trainings. She is always a huge success!” 
Julie Hanson, Seasonal Yoga

“Interesting and inspiring training delivered by two practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience of outreach work. They are both clearly passionate about the work that they do and about helping others to take the benefits of yoga into areas of the community where it is less accessible. Highly recommended.”

“If you’re interested in taking Yoga where it is most needed this course is a must! Laura and Lorraine bring to the table a wealth of invaluable practical experience of working with different vulnerable populations. The material is underpinned by rigorous neuroscience and presented in an accessible format in a relaxed and supportive environment.”

“The course managed to somehow combine basic essentials of community development, pedagogy, neuroscience, philosophy, and anatomy in just two days. It was a small group of committed students with a great teacher/ student ratio and scope for further depth and practice for those that wanted it. The case studies and lesson planning were particularly useful for building up our awareness of complex needs and barriers to accessing yoga, as well as confidence in how to ‘meet people on the mat’. It was the perfect antidote to some of the more image-conscious yoga trends and helped us reconnect with core principles and values. Thank you Lorraine and Laura.”