Welcome to our FREE YOGA RESOURCES page!

We love you coming to our yoga classes, one to one sessions, courses and retreats but we also know that little and often at home is sometimes the best way to optimise the benefits of your yoga practice, particularly if you are looking to use them to support your emotional and mental well being

Check out our free bitesized wellbeing resources that can be used at work or at home or wherever you can find a quiet space. It’s even possible to practice some of the exercises below in busy places like a bus or a train as long as you have headphones.

The point is that making time for moments of quiet and internal focus, where your nervous system has the opportunity to rest and reset is really important. Our resources are laid out to make it easy for you to find what you need. Please let us know if anything is missing that you would like.

Chair Yoga Practices

Chair yoga is perfect for people looking for a yoga practice that does not require you to sit on the mat or floor. Idea for those with limited mobility or just looking for something more accessible.

Trauma Informed Practices

These practices have been specifically designed to be trauma informed, ideal for people with C-PTSD or who have experienced trauma. They encourage invitation, choice making and  are designed to be focussed on safety and grounding. We offer a live streamed trauma informed Womens class on a Thursday evening at 1930. Please see this page to book

Relaxation & Calming Practices

These are audio and video resources that can be used for supporting sleep and relaxation. You can listen to them anywhere. 

Flow, Move, Breathe Practices

If you are looking for a more stronger, flowing yoga practice  you’ll find these here. There are 15 and 30 minute classes available. If you’d like to join a longer classes please see our book a class page for all face to face and online classes 

Free Practices for NHS staff

These resources are ideal for busy NHS staff who are looking for short practices to relieve tension, reduce stress and regulate the nervous system during busy times. Some of these resources are specifically created to support staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. We can offer bespoke classes and workshops for your NHS workplace. Contact for more info

Guided Audio Recordings

Short, audio recordings designed to help you shift states by either relaxing or activating you.

Yoga For Sleep

Sleep is so essential for wellbeing and vitality and yet so many of us struggle to get enough, good quality sleep, particularly if we are stressed, overwhelmed or worried. These practices have been designed to help support you to prepare for a night of deep and restful sleep. We also include a downloadable guide to good sleep hygiene.