Community focused, not-for-profit social enterprise. 


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We are proud to be a part of the thriving Edinburgh yoga community. In our bid to reach as many people as we can, we offer a wide variety of inclusive public yoga classes all across our city. 

Our Team

At Edinburgh Community Yoga we have a dedicated and highly experienced team of teachers to help you get the most from your Edinburgh yoga classes.  We are also grateful to be supported by skilled and passionate volunteers.

Our Purpose

We are a not-for-profit social enterprise which means every penny goes back into the organisation to develop our outreach projects. By joining our classes, attending our retreats or supporting our fundraisers you help us to make yoga accessible to everyone!


As a Scottish not-for-profit Yoga organisation we wish to respect the roots of the practice of Yoga from which we and our communities’ benefit. We acknowledge that Yoga originates from South Asian philosophical traditions and that the practice encompasses far more than physical poses alone.

We accept and understand that as Western teachers what we teach, and practice may not always reflect the depth and breadth of the traditional teachings of Yoga and that our organisation, though not-for-profit in nature, exists as part of a modern, capitalist Western interpretation of what Yoga is. That said, we commit to upholding the philosophical underpinnings of the practice wherever possible. We hold great reverence and much gratitude for the historical roots of Yoga and its transformational teachings, and we aim wherever possible to honour these roots in a way that is respectful to the tradition while authentic to our understanding and cultural experience.


ECY is the most established yoga outreach organisations in the country.

We are currently running 16 outreach  and socially prescribed yoga projects in the community offering yoga to approximately 350 people a month, many of whom have no access to a yoga studio. We also run a certified mentoring programme. Our inclusive approach means our students ages range from 5-95 and represent a diverse demographic across gender, and ethnicity.

Alongside our outreach and community programmes we also run a comprehensive workplace wellbeing program offering solutions to work related pressure in high stress environments. We also offer mainstream yoga classes and run training courses and modules for yoga teachers interested in our trauma-informed approach.


Our Vision

Everyone in Edinburgh has access to quality, trauma-informed yoga

Our Mission

We empower people and communities by improving access to the therapeutic benefits of yoga by working across cultural, economic and health barriers that inhibit people from taking part.

We achieve this as a not-for-profit organisation by offering a range of public and corporate classesretreats, teacher training and outreach projects.