The Edinburgh Community Yoga Yoga Outreach Projects stems from our deepest belief that the far-reaching benefits of yoga and meditation should be accessible for everyone, no matter their state of health or economic status.

We work to change the perception that yoga is for fit, flexible people and instead focus on the therapeutic benefits that can be enjoyed by everyone. We offer a space for anyone who wants the opportunity to simply move and breathe in a way that feels good for them.

We have made it our mission to offer yoga and yoga therapy to as many people across Edinburgh as possible. We take yoga to the places it is needed most, developing affordable community yoga classes in low-income areas and working with local support organisations. You can read more about our outreach work below.

Our belief is that through the practice of yoga, breathing mindfully and learning to pay attention to the body individuals can learn skills of self-compassion, acceptance and regulation of the nervous system contributing to their own sense of wellbeing and health and building stronger, more positive communities in the process.

We cannot do this work without the generous support of those who believe that yoga can benefit everyone in our society.

If you are interested in organising some yoga classes for an organisation you work for. Please contact us to discuss.


We at Edinburgh Community Yoga offer a wide range of Yoga Outreach programmes to help improve the lives of the people in our community


Our trauma informed program includes work in prisons, psychiatric hospitals, womens groups and veterans. Our approach aims to empower individuals, and to engage in an activity that supports the development of safe and supportive relationships.


Through a combination of activating, deeply relaxing and contemplative practices we can help individuals to re-balance neurologically and prepare them to be in a receptive place to work with other recovery professionals in lifestyle therapy.


Our focus is on meditation, breath work and gentle strengthening and stretching exercises to support postural adjustments, and develop a sense of confidence, freedom and balance in body and mind.


In our aim to make yoga as inclusive and accessible as possible we offer public community classes in venues across the city. Chair yoga for people who may wish to work a little more gently, and LGBTQ+ class and also classes for people in recovery from addictions are all a part of our weekly timetable.


We work with NHS staff across the city to develop self care strategies based on yoga and mindfulness to assist in the management of stress at work.