Hannah is an experienced trauma informed yoga teacher, passionate about the internal health benefits of yoga, and using yoga as a tool to reconnect with ourselves, our communities and nature. Hannah has a degree in Psychology and over a decades experience of working within mental health and community projects. Hannah’s classes weave together her mental health expertise and in-depth knowledge of neuroscience and modern anatomy, alongside the ancient wisdom of yoga. Her teaching is not centred on the gymnastic, visually aesthetic yoga postures, but rather focuses on the nurturing, energetic, deeper aspects of yoga. She believes yoga should be inclusive, safe and fun.

Since completing her yoga teacher training, Hannah has carried our numerous continued personal development training, including the highly regarded Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga foundational training, yoga and neurodiversity, modern Ayurveda level 1, balance and fall prevention, teaching yoga in prisons, yoga nidra, and mental health awareness in sports.