We know that attending online or in-person yoga classes for the first time can be a bit daunting and it can be helpful to know what to expect, so here is a little extra information so you know what to expect.

Book a Class

For in-person classes:

You must pre-book your space for in person classes via our booking page. If you do not have access to the internet and are unable to book online, please still attend and we will help you to book and pay on the day. Please ensure you also:

  • Arrive no more than 10 minutes before the start of the class
  • Arrive in your Yoga clothes
  • Bring your own mat
  • Bolsters, blocks and belts are not available to borrow, please bring your own if you have them, although they are not essential
  • Please only bring valuable items with you into the class
  • Do not come to class if you are unwell or have a cough or temperature


Our classes are held at various venues around Edinburgh.  Venue details are displayed next to each class on our online schedule.  The full address and postcode for each venue is also listed.


You don’t need to wear or bring anything special to your yoga class, just wear some comfortable clothing like a t-shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms/shorts.  We recommend also you bring layers – warm socks and a sweatshirt for relexation.


Teachers will always ask for content before offering you a physical adjustment.

In our Women’s Trauma-Informed yoga class there will never be hands-on adjustments.


The teacher will have their mat set up facing the rest of the class, so you can choose whether to be nearer the teacher or nearer the back. Try to make sure you can see and hear the teacher clearly.

All yoga classes are slightly different, depending on the teacher and their style, however most classes begin with a few moments of settling in and noticing the breath, normally lying down or seated. You’ll then move through some warming up exercises or poses, perhaps seated or on all fours. Each class will have a slightly different theme, that might focus on the hips, spine or shoulders, and you will move through some yoga poses (asana) that align with the theme of the week. The class will end with a few minutes of relaxation (savasana) in a comfortable position, perhaps lying down or in a chair if preferred.

Some teachers will play gentle music to help create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation – if this is distracting or interfering with your hearing, please let us know and we can try to keep the class quiet.

If you need to use the bathroom during the class, you are welcome to quietly make your way to the bathroom, the teacher will not mind and you are not disturbing the class.


Info for online, live streamed classes only:

You can sign up to our online classes here – make sure that you choose the ‘Online’ option.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive a confirmation email, and a link to ‘View Zoom event’ that will take you a webpage with class details and at the bottom of the page, the Zoom link, meeting ID and password.

When it’s time for your class to start, simply follow these instructions, and press ‘Join Zoom meeting’ and you’ll be taken to the class via your Zoom account.

Please note you will need to download zoom to join https://zoom.us/download


We offer a range of prices to make our classes accessible. We ask that you pay what you can. If paying anything at all is a problem please email us at info@edinburghcommunityyoga.co.uk and we will give you free access, no questions asked.

Will anyone be able to see me?
You can decide if you have your camera on or not.

Will anyone be able to hear me?
No your teacher will mute everyone so that there are no sound disturbances during class.

Can I chat to my teacher?
Yes, you teacher will be online and available five minutes before the start of the class and ten minutes after.

What if I’m injured?
If you have an injury you must email us at info@edinburghcommunityyoga.co.uk before attending the class so we can familiarise ourselves with your injury and decide if it is appropriate for you to attend. Obviously it is much harder for us to keep an eye on you in an online format so we want to be sure you are not at risk.

I’m pregnant, can I attend classes?
We regret we can not accommodate pregnant women at this time. We recommend you attend a pregnancy specific class.


Please feel free to email us if you have any other queries or concerns about attending a class with us.