Penny began practicing yoga many years ago and it has continued to play an important supportive role in her life through motherhood, a busy career and beyond. She has experienced the mind & body benefits yoga can deliver during challenging times in her own life and now hopes to share the magic of yoga with others through her teaching.

Following an ashtanga based teacher training with Meadowlark in Edinburgh, Penny has continued to train in more therapeutic approaches and in yoga for women.

This has included training with Uma Dinsmore Tuli in both ‘womb yoga’ and yoga nidra. She has completed the Minded Institute’s MARK training for yoga for addiction and the Warriors at Ease training programme for yoga with military veterans.

She teaches gentle and therapeutic yoga in Edinburgh and Ardnamurchan. As part of the ECY outreach team, she shares yoga with veterans and also adults with ARBD (alcohol related brain damage).