My true journey with Yoga began when I stepped into my mat back in 2016 after losing my son and suffering severe postpartum trauma. Left with many physical complications and over a year long of treatments and further surgeries, unable to take part in any strong physical classes I started to explore gentler, restorative practices.

I quickly learned how through meditation and slow, but mindful movement I could find some healing and learn to connect back with my body again.

Coping with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety myself, I’m passionate about mental health and bringing awareness into the impact movement and breath has on our mental and physical health.

I’m trained in Vinyasa, Yin and Acu Yin styles.

I teach Yin and Restorative classes with focus on using the practice to get into the body, rather than using the body to get into the practice. During my classes I recognize than we’re all individuals with different bodies and different needs and aim to create a safe space for you to learn to recognize & honour your limits and abilities. I believe that by being mindful on your mat you can not only become strong in your body but also become strong in your mind. Prepare to settle into a task of feeling, slow passive movement with support of props, breath work, meditation and relaxation – and know that I’m on this journey with you.

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