Laura is the founding director of Edinburgh Community Yoga. She is also a Minded Yoga Therapist specialising in trauma-informed yoga for mental health. She has been practicing yoga since 2004 and teaching in mainstream settings as well as in collaboration with third sector organisations, NHS services and Criminal Justice Services since 2011.

Laura is a survivor, practitioner, yoga teacher and therapist, with a gift for understanding the complex relationship between the experiences we have, the subsequent patterning laid down in our nervous system and subconscious, and the interplay between body and mind in integrating these experiences. She is motivated by a deep faith in our ability to integrate, process, let go and reframe, and finds the rich tapestry of practices offered in yoga to be an extraordinary set of tools for navigating life as a human being.

Laura works therapeutically both in groups and one to one, and presents on the importance of body/mind practices for stress management in workplace settings. She also writes and delivers trainings for yoga teachers interested in working in community settings.

Laura holds a BSc (Hons.) from London Contemporary Dance School, 2000

Alongside her outreach work Laura also loves to teach hatha and vinyasa flow, where her approach is strong and slow, with a detailed focus on alignment and a deep emphasis on internal experience.

“For me yoga in all its forms is about building a deeper and more compassionate relationship with your self. I love the way the combination of mindful movement, breath and meditation can take us into a place of healing and I never tire of exploring the possibilities that offers us.”

Training and Qualifications

  • BSc (Hons.) London Contemporary Dance School, 2000
  • Kids Teacher Training, Rainbow Yoga, 2011
  • Yoga Teacher Training, 2012 (2oohs)
  • Yoga and Mindfulness for Addictions Training, The Minded Institute, 2014
  • Yoga Adjustment’s, David Keil 2014
  • British Wheel of Yoga Pregnancy Yoga Module, 2015
  • Yoga Therapy Training, The Minded Institute, 2016 (500hs)
  • Yoga for Veterans, Warriors at Ease, 2018
  • TRE Module 1, TRE Collage, 2021
  • Kundalini, The Grandeur and Spirit go Yoga, Parayoga Master Training, 2021
  • The Yoga of 12 step recovery, 2023
  • Exploring Practice and Teaching for Chronic Illness, Accessible Yoga School, 2024


Membership and Attendance

  • Founding Member of UK Yoga Community Outreach Network
  • Presented a poster at the Yoga For Healthcare Conference, 2018
  • Scottish Parliament Reception on Yoga; Mental Health and Wellbeing 2018