Elodie uses she & her for her pronouns. She is a writer & musician, a senior physiotherapist, a yoga teacher and an assistant researcher in psychology. She is also a volunteer postnatal companion with Amma Birth Companions. She enjoys practicing and teaching a variety of movement forms, including dance, martial arts, yoga and Pilates.

Elodie firmly believes in the multifaceted nature of yoga practices and individuals. A proud member of the LGBTQI+ community, she has offered safer spaces to her patients and students from all walks of life, whether in clinical settings, while teaching at university, or when delivering her classes in person (pre-virus!) and online.

Elodie currently offers regular classes for the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and seasonal ones for LGBT Health and Wellbeing. You can expect to see the mix of her creative and scientific backgrounds in her teachings – all offered in a kind and compassionate way, always respectful of people’s boundaries and choices.