Dawn has been teaching for 9 years doing her original teacher training in 2011. Since then going on to do many more training courses in all different facets of yoga, from Shiva Rea… to trauma informed prison courses… to Buddhist meditation…. to India to study Bhakti. The journey really never ends. She really is passionate about bringing yoga to those that would not normally be able to access this, but also helping to change this narrative. Why is it that certain people generally cant access yoga….. she is dedicated to breaking down these types of walls which stem from much deeper worldly problems.

Dawn has been teaching in prisons in Scotland for 5 years and is really dedicated to making classes in prisons a stable piece in helping inmates. She also has extensive experience in teaching people with all different kinds of mental health issues and those in addiction recovery. Up until last year Dawn taught a steady mix of the above work along with teaching in studios and her own classes, then in 2019 she chose to only teach outreach classes. She also does Yoga Teacher Mentoring, helping other teachers across the many hurdles that can come up in teaching and finding their own true authentic voice.

On top of this Dawn has been a massage therapist and bodyworker for 16 years, giving her a very thorough understanding of the body and its mechanics.

Dawn teaches from a place of depth which was never available to her before she started yoga. This is why she knows it works.