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March 2024

The Inchrye Trust was established in 1985 and is registered in Scotland, charity number SC013382, and regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator.  The Trust is a grant-making charity and although the objectives set out in its trust deed are far-reaching, the trustees wish to focus their help upon organisations and projects that address social issues particularly relating to education, health and well-being, and inclusion.

The trustees tend to focus their support on organisations in Scotland, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire.  Grants generally range from £300 to £5,000.

Between 2015 and 2019 our services and with-it our financial stability grew year on year. However, despite having adapted to the circumstances of multiple COVID-19 related lockdowns by offering online classes, yoga teacher training and workshops, our sales revenue from profit making offerings (residential yoga retreats, yoga teacher training, workplace wellbeing programmes and public yoga classes) continued to drop substantially over the past few years as we navigate the financial crisis.

Alongside this drop in income, we have seen a significant increase in demand for our services, but this is accompanied by a decrease in funding opportunities and high levels of competition both for us and our partner organisations. Despite currently operating with minimum staff hours in place, we are still threatened with further staff cuts. 

The support of the Inchrye Trust is extremely beneficial as the funds contribute towards core organisational costs.

Thank You:
The Inchrye Trust has supported us for the second year with a grant towards core costs.