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Joann Buchan, one of our lovely outreach teachers recently finished running a programme with young people at HYPE West Lothian. In our latest blog she shares her experience of this important and sometimes challenging work. To find out more about this type of programme please contact us Thank you Joann for all your brilliant work!

You can pop over to Joanns website and check out her teaching schedule here…

I recently had the privilege of working with a group of young people at Howden Park Centre, West Lothian, who were part of the HYPE Program (Helping Young People Engage). The focus for this project was to promote wellbeing, building emotional resilience, developing self worth and self-esteem through yoga.

A group of eight young people joined the class on a weekly basis. Most of whom had never practiced yoga or took part in regular physical activity. The class took place on a Thursday afternoon, generally the energy of the group was quite low.

Most of the young people engaged straight away in the first class, enjoying the meditation and relaxation aspects of the class as well as some fun yoga postures, including arm balances which they were keen to try.

As well as the physical postures, we explored themes such a relationships, boundaries and respect, forgiveness, creativity, balance and courage.

After the 12 weeks most of the young people noticed a difference on feeling less stressed after the class. They also reported feeling happier, less stressed and more flexible. Meditation and relaxation practices were favourites.

One or two young people did not fully engage in the beginning of the block of classes however over a period of time, there was a positive difference with interactions towards peers, taking part in the class and encouraging others. There was definitely more confidence and increase in self-worth noted.