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Yoga Conference presented by Minded + Confer
March 7 & 8 2015 in London
Yoga: A Key to Mental Health

Dear Friends,

We are excited to announce this year’s Yoga Conference – Yoga: A Key to Mental Health? We all know that yoga lifts mood. In fact, it is one of the primary reasons, people express for yoga practice and it is the number one research finding. This is why recently there is such an interest in bringing yoga into mental healthcare and in yoga teachers gaining specific skills to help those struggling with their minds. March 7th & 8th in London, we are bringing together world experts to discuss yoga’s emerging role in mental healthcare. Highlights include keynote addresses from leading psychiatrists Dr. Richard Brown and Dr. Patricia Gerbarg who integrate yoga in clinical practice, Dr. B.N. Gangadhar the world’s most prolific researcher on yoga and the brain, D. Lisa Kaley-Isley, our own Heather Mason, and Dr. Elizabeth Visceglia.

In this seminal international conference we will explore yoga’s role in mental health, the psychophysiological mechanisms that underpin its positive effects, and in comprehensive workshops how specific yoga practices can be taught to different mental health populations in safe, appropriate, and innovative ways. In effect we will deeply and profoundly explore yoga’s special role in providing emotional regulation and its function in promoting mental health via specific psychophysiological mechanisms. Geared towards yoga teachers and mental healthcare professionals the conference will provide you with latest insights, methods of best practice, and

REGISTRATION COST: 235 pounds (self-funded) / 300 pounds (organizationally funded) / 105 pounds (season ticket holders)

LOCATION: The Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, London WC1H 0XG
DATE: 7-8 March 2015