Edinburgh Yoga Class Information

At Edinburgh Community Yoga, we offer a wide range of times for our Edinburgh yoga classes to help suit all different types of lifestyles


Our 2018 term dates

BLOCK 1 8TH JAN- 1ST APRIL (12 weeks)


BLOCK 2 – 9TH APRIL – 1ST JULY (12 weeks)


BLOCK 3 – 9TH JULY – 30TH SEPT (12 weeks)

BLOCK 4 – 1ST OCT – 23 DEC (12 weeks)

(Price details below – scrolls down!)

Which Class?

If you are unsure of your level or have any questions about our Edinburgh yoga classes, please feel free contact us for more details.

Gentle Flow

Suitable for absolute beginners, this class concentrates on the fundamentals of a yoga practice. Focus is on connecting breath and movement, alignment and building a steady foundation as well as promoting deep relaxation. The class includes meditation, pranayama (breathing exercises) asana (postures) and savasana (deep relaxation).

Vinyasa Flow

(Not suitable for absolute beginners)
Developing strength and flexibility through a flowing vinyasa style approach to yoga where the breath is used to develop a sense of connection between body and mind encouraging deep relaxation and centring. The class will include elements of meditation, pranayama (breath work), flowing standing postures, balances, seated asana, backbends and inversions, with a strong focus on alignment to ensure a safe and satisfying flow class leading to a long and well-deserving savasana.


Suitable for all LGBTQ folk, beginners as well as seasoned yoga practitioners, this group provides a supportive space to explore the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga practice. Experienced Edinburgh Community Yoga teacher, Amy Hughes will lead a variety of yoga postures, pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditations, helping us to experience greater flexibility, strength and comfort in our bodies, whilst also ‘switching off’ to bring deep relaxation which leaves the mind quieter.

You can see the timetable or book your place here.  Or for any questions about our Edinburgh yoga classes timetable, please contact us today.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes Edinburgh – Prices

Edinburgh Community Yoga offer a selection of prices and pay schemes for our Edinburgh yoga classes to help suit your budget and lifestyle.

Please pay for your class before arriving to the studio here.

12 Week Term

£96 /£84 (concessionary)

Ten Class Pass

£95 / £75 (concessionary)
Pre-pay cards are redeemable at any Edinburgh Community Yoga class and are valid for four months.


£11/ £8 (concessionary)

Which pay scheme is for me?

Do you know you feel great after a yoga class but are finding it hard to find the motivation or the time?

We’re hoping that if you’ve lost your yoga flow and aren’t making it to your mat regularly the full term price this will help you to regain it. Commit to a class by paying for the full term in advance, and in return you can enjoy fantastically competitive class rates.

What if the term has already started or I have already bought a ten class pass?

Not a problem, you can continue to use the pass you have paid for until it runs out. You can then choose to buy a new one or to buy a term pass in which case you will simply pay for the number of weeks there are left in the term.

What if I can’t make a class?

No problem! Space permitting you would be able to make up the missed class by attending another one to suit you that week.

What if a class is cancelled?

(It has never happened!) but if a class you have paid in advance for is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances you will have a choice either to make up the missed class in another one or you will be offered a full refund to the value of one class.

I’m unable to commit to a regular class but am still keen to keep up a regular practice…

No worries, the Ten Class Pass is for you! We know how busy life can be but we also know how much you value your yoga time – this pass offers you the flexibility to come to class when it suits you.

I don’t want to pay out a lump sum just now…

No problem! Space permitting you can still drop-in and pay on the day.

My regular class is not running this term and I’ve already bought a ten class pass…

If there isn’t a class this term to suit you can either choose to get a refund on the classes still to be used or to “pause” your pass and start using it again in the autumn when the full timetable will be up and running.

If we haven’t answered your question, please do not hesitate to contact Edinburgh Community Yoga today