Pregnancy Yoga

Pre natal classes are currently taking a break while Laura takes time to have her own baby.  We wish all prospective mums and their babies much luck and joy at this wonderful time.

Pregnancy is a very special time for women and the perfect time to practice yoga with the pregnancy yoga classes from Edinburgh Community Yoga.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or a total novice pre-natal yoga offers you the chance to switch off from the rest of your life and focus on yourself and your growing baby.

Pregnancy yoga offers a calming, nurturing space and teaches you practices to help you use breath, meditation techniques and gentle stretches which can assist you in your pregnancy, in preparation for labor and even beyond!

As a mum to be you’re more perceptive, sensitive and open than ever before and yoga offers you the opportunity to tap into this and connect with your baby on a deep and intimate level. Whilst building strength and stability in your growing and changing body it promotes the calm and deep relaxation you need as you juggle the demands of pregnancy alongside the rest of your life.

The pregnancy yoga class includes safe and gentle poses with the use of pregnancy balls, blocks, belts and blankets as well as breathing and deep meditation.

There will be options for more experienced yogis to work at their level, and also options to accommodate the more common ailments associated with pregnancy such as pelvic girdle pain, swollen ankles and heartburn. Wherever you are in your pregnancy and in your yoga journey the weekly practice will leave you feeling deeply calm yet energized and ready for anything!

Classes are open to anyone between 14-42 weeks pregnant and run in 5 week blocks although dropping in is also an option. Spaces are limited to ensure everyone gets individual attention.  It is recommended, though not essential that you begin at the start of a block. If you have any questions contact us if you have any questions or book your place here.