Too busy to make time for yoga?

Let our Yoga Classes come to your work place.corporate


“US giants Aetna found that one hour of yoga a week decreases stress levels in employees by a third” 

We offer a range of workshops, talks and classes, all of which incorporate mind body practice to support good mental health and can be brought directly to your workplace. We can also offer bespoke programmes that can be created to meet the needs of your organisation.

“I love attending the yoga classes as they are held in my workplace and it’s a great way to exercise and unwind after a hard day at work.” – Sheena, Citizens Advice Scotland Head Office, Edinburgh.


Desk yoga
1 hr. class
£75 or £840 for a 12-week term
This bespoke seated yoga class teaches simple stretches, breathing and mindfulness exercises that can be built into your working day.   Helping you to reduce stress related aches and pains and to have a more focused, productive and enjoyable day at work.


Yoga class
1 hr. class
£75 or £840 for a 12-week term
A bespoke mat based class suitable for any level of experience, which incorporates yoga poses, breathing and meditation techniques allowing your team to de-stress and re-energise. Ideal for early mornings, lunchtime or after work. Various yoga styles available. We can design the class to fit the requirements of you and your team.


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Take 20
20 minute sessions (minimum booking a block of 6 to be run back to back over a 2.5 hr. time slot)
£300 for a block of 6
Ideal for busy workplaces, we run multiple sessions back to back to allow all your employees to attend. Designed to reduce stress, re-energise and re-focus employees expediently and efficiently. These targeted sessions allow people to take part in a gentle seated yoga practice with a focus on releasing tension and learning gentle breathing and mindfulness techniques for inner calm that can be slotted into your day. Sessions are designed to be short and effective and suitable for people with a range of physical abilities

Caring for self as leaders
2 hr. workshop
In order to be good leaders we must look after our own mental wellbeing. Aimed at managers and high level executives this interactive workshop offers people the opportunity to discuss stress without feeling stigmatised, encourages reflection on how stress impacts both the individual and a team, and highlights the importance of recognising symptoms of stress and developing strategies to manage it. Add a yoga class or desk based session on to this workshop for an additional £60


Why stress is our business. Changing the culture at work.
2 hr. workshop
How can we promote self care and prioratise workforce wellness as a means to success?

Aimed at employees working in high stress environments. This interactive workshop allows you to understand and then manage stress in a new way. Focusing on the physiology of the stress response, what happens to the body/mind when we begin to experience chronic stress and why it is important for our health and wellbeing to manage stress appropriately The workshop encourages individuals to consider how they might recognise stress, and offers the opportunity for practicing gentle movement, mindfulness and breathing exercises aimed at reducing stress.

Add a yoga class or desk based session on to this workshop for an additional 60 pounds.

Yoga for mental health
1 hr.
This presentation takes a look at the neuroscience and physiology of the stress response and then uses evidence based theory to explain why yoga, mindfulness and meditation are fast becoming some of the most popular way to manage stress related mental health conditions.

Interactive half or full day workshops
4-8 hrs.
We can offer these ‘retreat style’ workshops as part of corporate team building sessions, away days or other company wellbeing events. They incorporate yoga and mindfulness practice, relaxation, discussion, talks on managing stress, space for reflection and setting realistic and achievable goals to make positive changes to improve mental wellbeing at work.

Health and Safety All our teachers are fully qualified, insured and police checked and a full risk assessment can be provided on request. We require all participants, or their legal guardian to sign a disclaimer. For more details about our Corporate Yoga Classes Edinburgh, contact us today.

Why supporting mental wellbeing is important. We are living in busy times, facing increased pressures from technology, communication and need to maximise productivity leading to an increase in chronic stress that affects almost every workplace. Mental and physical ill health represent personal losses to individuals and costs to organisations, whether through sick pay for those who are absent from work, or by poor performance from those who attend work. Mental health issues cost Scottish employers over £2 billion a year. By taking action to support good mental wellbeing of your workforce, you can reduce the impact of these problems for your organisation and promote a healthier, happier and safer working environment where staff feel valued and morale is boosted. Good news for everyone! (Healthy Working Lives 2016). At Edinburgh Community Yoga we are passionate about self-care at work and promote the benefits of regular relaxation throughout our city. Our approach, while based on yoga and mindfulness, is appreciative of the constraints of a modern world and is underpinned by a thorough understanding of the physiology and neuroscience of the stress response. We can help you and your employees to understand stress, create space for safe and supported discussion and offer practical strategies towards managing stress more efficiently.