Yoga Classes Edinburgh Testimonials

We at Edinburgh Community Yoga have a fantastic relationship with all our clients. We wanted to share some of the our yoga classes testimonials

What our clients say…

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“Definitely the best yoga class I’ve tried in Edinburgh! Laura is a brilliant and supportive teacher who makes time for everyone in the class. Can’t wait for the new term to start tomorrow!” – Kat

“Laura is a wonderful teacher who creates a safe, peaceful and warm environment whilst sharing her skill and knowledge. The small class size allows her to give some attention to everyone so that she can encourage you to improve at your own pace. I started learning yoga with ECY and I keep going every week – give it a go!” – Sarah

“I really recommend Edinburgh Community Yoga. Laura is a very professional and kind instructor. I have never practised yoga before and she helped me from the very start. She understands that different people have different needs, and she always makes you feel comfortable with the class. I love it!” – Laia

“Laura is a wonderful teacher! I started my practice with ECY as a nervous, inflexible newbie, with previous experience of meditation only. Laura adapts her classes to fit the needs of all her clients and assists where appropriate in an non-invasive manner. The welcoming, non-egocentric environment is conducive to developing your practice at your own pace. With weekly classes my ability and enjoyment increased quickly. There are different payment plans to suit differing needs. Another aspect that I particularly like about ECY is their commitment to further education and helping others. They seek to continually develop their knowledge and practice as well as their clients.” – Claire

“Of all the yoga classes I have been to in the past, Laura’s class has been the most rewarding. Classes are designed and run with the participants in mind – making exercise an enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Edinburgh Community Yoga to all that want the best” – Joanna

”I really enjoy the morning yoga sessions with Laura.  A perfect way to start the day, balancing and mobilising the body. Laura has a good eye, she adjusts peoples posture when needed and provides support and guidance to do the move correctly.  She has a lovely character that inspires me.  I feel really lucky to have found her as a teacher.” – Sandra

“I finally found a yoga class where I get just the right amount of guidance and the right amount of space for me to work with my body at my pace. I feel no pressure to perform but am motivated to find new ranges and strengths. My body and mind love it!” – Caroline

“Edinburgh Community Yoga/ Laura’s approach to yoga, and reasonable
pricing, is very inclusive and welcoming. The small class size means
that she can support each individual reach deeper postures and greater
body awareness. I always leave a class feeling better than when I
arrived!” – Jemma

“Laura Wilson of Edinburgh Community Yoga achieves the difficult balance of informal teaching and rigorous practise across mixed ability classes, expectations and aspirations. A welcoming invitation, a vigilant eye on individual progress ensures a secure, relaxed personal and integrated group experience. “ – anonymous

” Laura’s classes were excellent. I found  Laura to be quietly authoritative with a calming presence…would recommend to anyone…” Val

“I always feel miles better after a session of yoga – more relaxed, more focused and more comfortable in my own body.  The instructor is really friendly, very knowledgeable and encouraging and she always makes sure that you take the class at a pace that’s right for you and your body.” – Sarah

“Laura’s classes are challenging but rewarding, she gives us 1:1 attention and is very careful about correct postural alignment. We always get options for all abilities and lots of encouragement! The classes focus on mindfulness of body and breath and leave me relaxed and energised at the same time.” – Emmanuelle

“I’d tried yoga a couple of times but never took to it as I found it too slow and too focused on the meditation/relaxation aspect for my liking. I was persuaded to try these classes with Laura and surprised myself by thoroughly enjoying them and committing to ongoing classes.  In each session we move seamlessly from one set of movements to another. The class is NOT slow at all, and in fact it achieves a great balance – as well as feeling relaxed afterwards, I honestly feel as if I have had a full body work out too. These classes are really stretching me (quite literally :) )” – Carol

I am a new comer to yoga and feel that the yoga flow class is great for all abilities. I feel that I have gained knowledge in terms of breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as improving flexibility. I think because of the small class size the approach is quite personal which increases confidence in utilising the yoga poses and techniques. – Julie

“As someone who has always wanted to do yoga but who is a bit unfit I couldn’t have asked for a nicer teacher than Laura. She challenges you without pushing you and creates a warm environment where you can progress at your own pace.  I have noticed improvements in my flexibility and well-being after only 4 classes. Her small class sizes mean lots of attention during the class so you get the most out of it. A real find – I’m hooked!”– Dr Susie Baxter!

“Absolutely loving my weekly yoga sessions. Laura is a patient teacher with lots of experience. The classes are enjoyable and I’m learning lots! Would definitely recommend Edinburgh Community Yoga to anyone.” – Beth

“I attended Laura’s classes for beginners this May. It was my first time trying yoga. The whole course took 8 weeks, we learned breathing techniques at first, later on basic postures, exercises were always tailored according to physical condition of each of us. Laura’s very nice, sensible person and I’m glad I’ve chosen her course as my introduction to yoga – I can only recommend it.” – Dana

“Of all the yoga classes I have attended I have enjoyed these the most. Laura is very friendly and creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can progress at your own pace. She explains everything very clearly and adjusts people’s postures when needed so I feel like I understand the movements much better. After a week spent at a desk, the class feels like just what my body needs!” – Catriona

“I love attending the yoga classes as they are held in my workplace and it’s a great way to exercise and unwind after a hard day at work. Laura is a fantastic teacher who really supports and encourages everyone individually as our class is a mixture of people who do beginners to advanced level yoga.” – Sheena

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