NHS yoga

Working in the NHS is a stressful and emotionally demanding role for many people. Chronic stress leads to burnout, and is known to impact on empathy, patient safety and job satisfaction as well as increased incidence of absenteeism. This is why we believe that yoga can be an effective practice for NHS staff.

Royal Infirmary Edinburgh

We currently work with Healthy Working Lives running an extremely progressive intervention at the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh.

We work with the Medical Leadership Academy and other staff development programmes to offer workshops and presentations for staff on stress reduction, emotional resilience and self-care, with a focus on exploring the benefit of mind/body practice and how self- care can help us create better, happier and more positive working environments.

We also work to support NHS staff by providing in house yoga sessions in short blocks in clinical areas. The sessions focus on breathing, mindful movement and finding relaxation in the body and the mind.

Supported by funding from Edinburgh and Lothian Health Foundation we also offer a weekly staff yoga class on site.

Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Following a successful pilot, we run a weekly staff yoga class on site at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital.

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