Joanna Cole-Hamilton


Joanna started practicing yoga many moons ago and did her yoga teacher training in 2013.  She has explored many types of yoga but keeps coming back to the basics.  

“I love that the practice of yoga can be different things to different people.  My basic practice is that of allowing my body to find it’s own level, being aware of how I move, how I feel when I move, what is safe, what is not. It’s an exploration. Yoga is not about stretching to me, though sometimes that feels nice.  It’s about understanding. By practicing with awareness, I find I am able to connect to what is happening in my life – physically, mentally, emotionally – and through knowing what is going on I can live more fully.”   

Joanna originally trained as a prosthetist/orthotist which gives her a strong understanding of the physical body.  She is currently a full time yoga teacher and part-time masters student at University of Edinburgh where she is studying social anthropology.

She teaches hatha yoga and chair based yoga.

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