Workplace Wellbeing Workshops combine the practical with the theoretical. They are chair based but still offer the opportunity to experience the breathing, moving and meditating exercises we promote.

The group will also have the chance to discuss the issues around stress in the workplace, and also learn how stress affects us physiologically and why the approach we offer works.

Self Care, a necessity, not a luxury

1 hr. workshop (includes a 20 minutes chair based practice)


Self care is so often at the bottom of our to-do list, but how can we continue to give our best when we are running on empty? This one-hour session aims to promote self-care (in the form of regular relaxation) as a way of reducing stress levels and increasing enjoyment at work.

While we highlight the individuals responsibility to take action to assist in their own wellbeing, we also call for a change in the culture at work to allow the opportunity to practise self care as part of our day. The workshop promotes the use of breathing techniques, mindfulness, chair yoga and  meditation, all of which will assist in helping us to relax regularly.

The workshop explains the physiology and neurology of the stress response and demonstrates the direct correlation between high levels of stress and stress related conditions.  It highlights that the techniques demonstrated could help counteract the negative effects of stress by increasing parasympathetic activity, which increases vegal tone and heart rate variability and boosts both the immune and endocrine systems as well as supporting a healthy and resilient autonomic nervous system.

The participants are encouraged to recognise that whilst these practices can not change the reality of the working environment they can be used as quick and simple techniques to help develop resilience and to manage challenging situations in a rational, calm and clearheaded way.

Having understood the theory, there is also the opportunity to experience the practices and to get a sense of how easy and effective they are in reducing stress and stress related symptoms.

Caring for self as leaders

2 hr. workshop


In order to be good leaders we must look after our own mental wellbeing. Aimed at managers and high level executives this interactive workshop offers people the opportunity to discuss stress without feeling stigmatised, encourages reflection on how stress impacts both the individual and a team, and highlights the importance of recognising symptoms of stress and developing strategies to manage it.

Add a half an hour yoga or chair based class on to this workshop for an additional £50

Why stress is our business, changing the culture at work.

2 hr. workshop


How can we promote self-care and prioritise workforce wellness as a means to success?

Aimed at employees working in high stress environments. This interactive workshop allows you to understand and then manage stress in a new way. Focusing on the physiology of the stress response, what happens to the body and mind when we begin to experience chronic stress and why it is important for our health and wellbeing to manage stress appropriately The workshop encourages individuals to consider how they might recognise stress, and offers the opportunity for practicing gentle movement, mindfulness and breathing exercises aimed at reducing stress.

Add a half an hour yoga or chair based class on to this workshop for an additional £50

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