Workplace Wellbeing Retreats offer the chance to develop a deeper understanding of the issues around stress management away from the working day.

They are interactive and informative but are also deeply restful and allow your team to really de-stress and clear their heads through a combination of practical classes, workshops and presentations chosen from the ones details below.

These half or full day events can include a healthy vegetarian lunch and a seated massage option. Perfect for staff development, team building or away days when you have a little more time to dedicate to your team

Interactive half or full day retreats

4-8 hrs.


With a focus on improving workplace wellbeing we offer these ‘retreat style’ workshops as part of teambuilding sessions, away days or other company wellbeing events. They incorporate yoga and mindfulness practice, relaxation, discussion and presentations on managing stress and resilience in the workplace. Most importantly they offer space for reflection and setting realistic and achievable goals to make positive changes to improve mental wellbeing at work.

A healthy vegetarian lunch is included and seated massage can be added for an additional fee.

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