We highly recommend  EDDIE STERN”S BREATHING APP .

The app is a fantastic additional support to aid you in developing a regular home practice. You will find INSTRUCTIONS HERE on how to use the app.  Take a look at the practices below and give them a try. That way you can develop your very own bespoke home practice based on your needs, how you’re feeling and how much time you have. Adding in some gentle movement is also a brilliant addition but yoga is so much more than just poses so don’t feel you always have to move too.

We hope you find them helpful.

Welcome to our FREE YOGA RESOURCES page!

We love you coming to our yoga classes, one to one sessions, courses and retreats but we also know that little and often is the best way to optimise the benefits of your yoga practice, particularly if you are looking to use them to support your emotional and mental well being.

Below we have some options that you can practice at home or at work or wherever you can find a quiet space.  It’s even possible to practice some of the exercises below in busy places like a bus or a train as long as you have headphones. The point is that making time for moments of quiet and internal focus, where your nervous system has the opportunity to rest and reset is essential for all of us and needs to be a priority!

Relaxing Breath

A good option if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious. Aim to practice for between 3-10 minutes.

Seated Meditation with Anchor

A ten-minute seated meditation for focusing and clearing the mind.

Seated Mindfulness Meditation of Breath and Sensations

A ten-minute seated meditation for calming the mind and moving the focus away from thoughts.

Coherent Breath

A great practice for slowing down your breath rate and developing emotional balance and resilience. Practice for between 3-10 minutes

Yoga Nidra

A longer practice for deep relaxation. You will need at least twenty minutes for this one and it’s best practiced lying down, although you can do it seated if lying down isn’t an option for you.

Loving Kindness Meditation 

This practice can be used as an antidote to habitual self criticism and a negative self image. All of us have an inner critic – it is part of the experience of being a human. And to some degree that critic motivates us, and helps us to better ourselves and to keep changing and evolving. But we can also get caught in unconscious and negative self speech that gets in our way, that questions our abilities and doesn’t allow us to blossom and flourish in the way that we might. This practice helps us to cultivate a feeling of loving kindness towards ourselves, as well as towards others.

If any of the words are triggering for you feel free to change them. For example ‘happy’ could be changed to ‘content’ or ‘free’ to ‘calm’.

Body Scan

Practiced lying down, body scan it is a systematic trip around the sensations of the body. As with all mindfulness practices, the key is to approach all sensations with curiosity, compassion and without judgement. You may find the more you practice this one, the more you are able to notice and the more subtle the sensations you pick up on are. Physical sensations you might notice with the body scan include tingling, burning, pounding, shooting, prickly, numb, shaky, tight, loose, stiff, flexible, airy, dense, shaky, stinging, pulling, itchy, throbbing, dull, sharp, achy, pulsing, trembling, cutting, vibrating, sinking, achy, light, heavy, tense, relaxed, cool, warm, hot, cold, clammy, dry.

Feel free to use the feeling of the contact of the ground as a tool to keep yourself feeling grounded and safe if needs be.

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