Yoga for Addiction Recovery




Minded Addiction Recovery Kit

MARK has been developed alongside the Minded Institute, specifically to assist in the process of rehabilitation from substance misuse and addiction.  When applied therapeutically, yoga can become a comprehensive life long tool for wellness.


The Minded Institute

The Minded Institute is the leading yoga therapy for mental health organisation in the UK, pioneering innovative mind-body therapy treatments and offering cutting edge professional training.

Our approach, whilst grounded in mindful principles and yogic philosophy, is also bound by a thorough understanding of mind/body connections and the neurology of addiction. Through a combination of activating, deeply relaxing and contemplative practices we can help individuals to re-balance neurologically and prepare them to be in a receptive place to work with other recovery professionals in lifestyle therapy.

The eight week programme offers participants the opportunity to develop invaluable skills for remaining in sobriety such as self discipline, positive and responsible thought and action, self reflection and most importantly psychological regulation and tolerance of sensation that can be used to downgrade cravings and as an aid to restore physiological and mental balance following substance abuse.

Through mindful meditation techniques, physical poses and breath exercises, deep relaxation and mindful enquiry our programme works to re-establish a healthy body-mind connection and to begin the therapeutic work to alleviate suffering through a process of acceptance.

It has been developed specifically to assist in the process of rehabilitation from substance misuse and works to re-establish a healthy body mind connection. As such, it is an excellent preparation for other interventions such as CBT and talking therapies which may rely on a participant’s ability to recognise their own thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Outreach classes

We can be brought into your addiction support organisation as part of a therapeutic rehabilitation intervention.  Please contact us to discuss details or for a free taster session.

Eight week MARK course

The next eight week course will run at Serenity Cafe from Monday the 22nd of January  6-7.30. Numbers are limited and you must be able to commit to the majority of the term to join this class.  Please contact us to book your place.

Private sessions

One to one sessions with a MARK practitioner are also available on request.

For more information about our Yoga for Addiction classes, contact us today

We advise that participants should already be sober or clean and committed to a path of recovery when beginning the MARK course and should contact a GP with any medical concerns prior to beginning.

Please note the MARK course should only be used as an assistance to maintaining sobriety and in conjunction with formal medication and should not be used to replace prescriptions or as a tool for detoxing.  All our teachers are fully qualified, insured and police checked and a full risk assessment can be provided on request. We require all participants, or their legal guardian to sign a disclaimer. For a copy of our safeguarding policies and procedures please contact us. 



“The most helpful experience I’ve had since beginning my detox.”