We know that coming to a yoga class for the first time can be a bit daunting and it can be helpful to know what to expect, so here is a little walkthrough of taking one of our public classes at Beetroot Sauvage, in Causewayside.



We suggest arriving at the studio around 5/10 minutes before the class begins, perhaps slightly earlier if it is your first class. This means you will have time to get changed if necessary, go to the bathroom and let the teacher know of any injuries or conditions you might have. There’s nothing worse than having to rush to your yoga class and arriving stressed and out of breath, so it’s always worth leaving yourself a little bit of extra time to make it!


Beetroot Sauvage is a vegan cafe and yoga studio located at 33-41 Ratcliffe Terrace in Edinburgh. There is a large private car park for students. You need to walk through our car park and either go down the wheelchair ramp, or down a few stairs to get to the front door. If your class is at a time and day when the cafe is open (Tues-Sun), then the door will probably be open. If not, it may be that the cafe is closed and your teacher will arrive shortly.

You’ll enter into the cafe ‘Beetroot Sauvage’, where they sell food and hot drinks until 5pm every day (excluding Mondays). There is a gender-neutral bathroom on the ground floor, behind and to the left of the till and coffee machine area. If you are coming to a yoga class but have decided to come early, you are welcome to take a seat anywhere on the ground floor, help yourself to a glass of water, and rest before your class.


The yoga studio is upstairs, through the door on your right as you enter the cafe. The stairs lead you up into the space, which is a large open room. There is a corner with benches and a rail for you to leave your shoes, bags and anything else. There is another gender-neutral bathroom on this floor.


If it is your first visit to one of our classes, the teacher may ask your name for the register that sits by the top of the stairs, and also ask you to fill in one of our Registration Forms. This form will ask you the following information:

Your name; your date of birth; email address; mobile number, and whether you have any areas of pain/injuries/chronic conditions, or special needs that the teacher needs to know about.

The form then asks if you would like to be added to our mailing list, with a ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ box to tick.

Finally, there is a disclaimer section where you are asked to sign your name and the date.

This form and the information that you provide are strictly for Edinburgh Community Yoga records only, and are just so that your teacher has information in case you require assistance.

If you would like more time to fill out our Registration Form with assistance, you are welcome to take the form home, or ask us to email you one.


Most teachers will accept payment at the beginning of the class, and will take your payment and provide change next to the register as you are signed in. If you’d prefer not to handle cash, you can pay online via our website and just let the teacher know by showing them your confirmation email.

A lot of our students buy 10-class passes, which are paid for online and given to you at your first class. Then you just need to bring your pass along and the teacher will sign it for you, no cash required.


You don’t need to wear or bring anything special to your yoga class, just wear some comfortable clothing like a t-shirt and leggings/tracksuit bottoms/shorts, and perhaps a bottle of water (although we do have a jug and glasses in the studio). Yoga is normally done barefoot, but your body temperature may drop during our relaxation at the end of class, so you might like a warm jumper and socks to put on then.

We have all the props that we need at the studio, including yoga mats, blankets, blocks and other things that people use to modify the poses to suit their bodies. The class is done on the yoga mat, the blanket may be used underneath your knees when on all fours or kneeling, and the blocks help to make some poses a little bit more manageable. Everyone uses and needs props in yoga, not just beginners, so it is very common for students to help themselves to lots of props when they’re getting set up at the beginning of class. If you’re not sure your teacher will show you.

At Edinburgh Community Yoga, we also offer eye pillows that are typically used during the relaxation period at the end of class to help you to relax without distraction.


In certain classes, the teacher will come around the room as you move through the poses, providing hands-on touch and assistance to help you be more comfortable in a shape. If you would prefer not to receive hands-on adjustments, its fine to let the teacher know either before the class starts during the class.

In our Women’s Trauma-Informed yoga class there will be no hands-on adjustments.


The teacher will have their mat set up facing the rest of the class, so you can choose whether to be nearer the teacher or nearer the back. Try to make sure you can see and hear the teacher clearly.

All yoga classes are slightly different, depending on the teacher and their style, however most classes begin with a few moments of settling in and noticing the breath, normally lying down or seated. You’ll then move through some warming up exercises or poses, perhaps seated or on all fours. Each class will have a slightly different theme, that might focus on the hips, spine or shoulders, and you will move through some yoga poses (asana) that align with the theme of the week. The class will end with a few minutes of relaxation (savasana) in a comfortable position, perhaps lying down or in a chair if preferred.

Some teachers will play gentle music to help create an atmosphere of calm and relaxation – if this is distracting or interfering with your hearing, please let us know and we can try to keep the class quiet.

If you need to use the bathroom during the class, you are welcome to quietly make your way to the bathroom, the teacher will not mind and you are not disturbing the class.


After the end of your relaxation (savasana), the teacher will gently bring everyone back towards a seated position to end the class with a few final words, as well as the traditional ‘namaste’ to close the practice. Namaste is a Sanskrit word from the ancient tradition of yoga that means ‘the light in me, honours the light in you’, and is often said at the end of yoga classes. First the teacher will say it, and then the class will repeat it back, as a sign of respect and gratitude for the time together.

Then you are welcome to gradually pop your mat and any blankets/blocks away, and go back to your belongings. The teacher will either be by the top of the stairs, or over by their mat, and will happily speak to you about anything you are interested in from the class.


Please feel free to email us at admin@edinburghcommunityyoga.co.uk if you have any other queries or concerns about attending a class with us at Beetroot Sauvage.

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